Willow Creek School District Educational Goals

District Vision and Mission Statement

“Empowering all to achieve success.”

District Goals

  1. Willow Creek School will improve communications and support within the Community.

  2. Willow Creek Students will be provided a challenging diverse curriculum.

  3. Willow Creek School administration, staff, and students will continue to improve the communication structure within the school to keep everyone informed.

  4. Willow Creek School will improve the school image to attract and keep students.

District Philosophy

The Educational Philosophy of the Faculty of Willow Creek School, stresses concern for a commitment to the whole personality development of each individual.  We, as educators, believe it is the role of Willow Creek School to provide as environment that will stimulate students to acquire not only knowledge and skills but also those attitudes, understandings, appreciations, and values essential for their responsible participation in a democratic society.  The function of the school is to identify the capability of each student and to develop their ability constructively to change.

We believe that this philosophy can be best implemented through the acceptance and application of the following objectives:

  1. To provide a comprehensive program of instruction, that stresses basic skills, individual attainment, intellectual curiosity, and positive attitudes toward learning.

  2. To assist and cooperate with the home and community in the development of sound emotional and social values through the promotion of creatively planned curriculums.

  3. To provide each student with the opportunity to recognize her/his potential for, and interest in specific areas of work; to develop skills that will give them a sound economic future.

  4. To encourage the development of a cooperative attitude toward living and working with others through an appreciation for, and understanding of other cultures and people.

  5. To encourage and aid each student to develop a workable plan for his/her health and well-being in their natural environment thereby gaining an understanding of economic principles, personal responsibility, and pride in work; to attain a feeling of self-worth.

  6. To encourage each student to acquire and develop appreciations of the cultural heritage and resources of the world today; to use these interests to enrich her/his future life.