Graduation and Honors

Students who excel academically at Willow Creek School may earn the privilege of being designated as Valedictorian, Salutatorian, honor graduate, or graduate.  To be considered for these placements, a student must meet the following criteria.

Candidates for Valedictorian an Salutatorian must have:

  • Attended Willow Creek High School for a minimum of four (4) consecutive semesters immediately prior to graduation.

  • Completed twenty-four (24) credits.

  • Earned a cumulative G.P.A. (Grade Point Average) 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

  • Completed the Rigorous Core Curriculum for a Willow Creek Honors Diploma.

The student with the highest G.P.A. will be named Valedictorian, and the student with the next highest G.P.A. will be named Salutatorian.  The G.P.A. shall be determined by grades received in all classes taken through the first seven (7) semesters of high school attendance.  Furthermore, the G.P.A. is calculated to the third-place beyond the decimal point.

For the purpose of calculating class rank, only those courses taken in an accredited school will be utilized.  If a student has achieved the highest cumulative G.P.A., but has not met the above listed criteria, he/she will still retain the ranking of number one (a) in the class; however, the student will not be eligible to be named a Valedictorian or Salutatorian.

Class ranging shall be determined by the cumulative G.P.A. of graduating seniors at the completion of four (4) years of high school.

The G.P.A. shall be determined by use of a four-point system for grades earned:

93-100 = A = 4.00
90-92 = A- = 3.67
87-89 = B+ = 3.33
83-86 = B = 3.00
80-82 = B- = 2.67
77-79 = C+ = 2.33

73-76 = C = 2.00
70-72 = C- = 1.67
67-69 = D+ = 1.33
63-66 = D = 1.00
60-62 = D- = 0.67
0-59 = F = 0.00

Advanced Placement course and Post-Secondary courses shall have extra points awarded with the semester and final grades.  Advanced Placement courses and Post-Secondary courses shall be taken into consideration it a tie should be received for Valedictorian and/or Salutatorian.

Honor Graduates

  • Have completed twenty-four (24) credits.

  • Have compiled a G.P.A. for all courses of 3.5 or higher.

  • Have completed the Rigorous Core Curriculum through the Willow Creek Honors Diploma.

  • Have completed twenty-four (24) credits under the minimum core requirements through Willow Creek Diploma.

Early Graduation

Early Graduation Criteria (end of the 7th semester):

A student wishing to graduate early must write a letter indicating the need for early graduation; for example, due to reasons of enrollment in a post-secondary program during the first semester of their graduating year.  Evidence that the student is going onto attend a post-secondary school, must include enrollment forms, payment receipts, correspondence with the institution, etc.

  • A student must be in good academic standing, having enough credits to graduate and meet all required course work.

  • A student must be at the Proficient of Advanced Proficient level in standardized testing.

  • A student can have no failures on his/her transcript or repeated any classes.

  • A student’s G.P.A. must be at least 3.00.

  • A student will have to take two (2) English courses and two (2) Humanity courses during their junior year.