Career Exploration

0.5 Credit

1/2 Year

Prerequisite(s) ➾ Freshman status or above

This course is intended to familiarize students with career options.  Students will take an inventory to determine suitable careers that would best fit their interests and have opportunities and a multitude of career choices.  Students will gather information on five (5) careers to determine what helpful high school courses they should take, amount of schooling needed, expected salary, and activities for them [the students] to get involved in to help them prepare for the career.  Students will be required to prepare five (5) projects such as PowerPoint, poster, research paper, and others of their choice.

The goal of this class is to prepare students to become proficient in the use of Montana Career Information System network. It is also expected that students will determine courses they [the students] may need to take during high school to prepare for post-high school education or job training.  Students will also fill out job applications and participate on at least one (1) mock interview.

Contemporary Living ☨

 0.5 Credit

1/2 Year

Prerequisite(s) ➾ Freshman status or above

Contemporary Living will combine basic cooking, sewing techniques, and decision-making skills.  There will be an emphasis on foods with lab experiences from single products, such as pie or pizza to advanced labs, such as buffets and dinners.  Issues such as meal planning, meal preparation, and basic nutrition will be discussed.  Students will also complete a series of samples to familiarize themselves with basic sewing techniques and construct at least two (2) sewing projects tailored to your ability. Note: students will purchase their own supplies for sewing labs.

Skills Taught:

Students will be able to:

  • Properly identify, use, and care for equipment in the lab

  • Read and understand a recipe

  • Discuss nutritional needs of the human body and food sources for the various nutrients

  • Plan, prepare, and serve foods

  • Make consumer decisions and develop problem-solving skills

  • Become familiar with basic sewing techniques

  • Make simple pattern alterations

Post-High School Planning

0.5 or 1 Credit

1/2 or 1 Year

Prerequisite(s) ➾ Senior status or above

This course is designed to prepare students for post-high school education, job training, or military service.  Upon completion of this course students will become proficient in use of the Montana Career Information System.

Students will register and take the ACT when appropriate, apply for college/vocational school, or participate in a work study program, if one can be arranged.  Class members will be required to develop a career portfolio, including a résumé, personal profile, update lists of community service and activities, honors/awards, best works, and/or photographs.

Students who are planning on attending a four-year higher educational institution will need to complete applications for financial and the Montana Guaranteed Student Loan program.  Complete of a minimum of two (2) scholarships a week is a requirement of the class.

Students will also fill out applications and participate in at least one (1) mock interview.

Welding Applications

o.5 or 1 Credit

1/2 or 1 Year

Prerequisite(s) ➾ Eighth Grade status or above

In Welding Application, students will learn safe vocational work habits and general shop safety.  Students will develop skills and cutting processes using a variety of equipment.

Some of the equipment includes:

  • Metal inert gas wire feed welder

  • Stick electrode welder

  • Oxy-asetelyne welder and cutting torch

  • Plasma cutter

  • Metal cut-off saws, grinders, and other rotary metal-working tools

Student will learn to make the following types of welds:

  • Butt weld

  • Corner weld

  • Edge weld

  • Tee weld

  • Lap weld

☨ Course is currently unavailable.