Breakfast Menu: 

Cold cereal and fruit are available every day.

Thursday          Bagels, fruit, yogurt, juice, and milk

Friday                 French toast sticks, sausage, fruit, yogurt, juice, and milk

Monday             Cold cereal, toast w/jelly, fruit, yogurt, juice, and milk  

Tuesday            Waffles, bacon, fruit, yogurt, juice, and milk

Wednesday      Oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, juice, and milk



Lunch Menu:

Thursday           Bosco Sticks, tossed salad, pineapple, milk

Friday                  Tuna or PB & jelly sandwich, chips, veggies w/dip, fruit, milk

Monday             Chicken and noodles, veggies w/dip, crackers, string cheese, fruit, milk  

Tuesday            BBQ Pork on a bun, coleslaw, baked beans, fruit, milk

Wednesday    Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, corn, fruit, milk


Coming Events:

Dec. 01 - JH B-ball @ Ennis

Dec. 02 - HS G-Bball @ Twin Bridges

Dec. 02 –JH B-ball @ Harrison

Dec. 03 - HS B-ball @ Harrison vs Shields Valley

Dec. 03 - JH B-ball @ West Yellowstone

The mid-term for grades 5-12 is December 9th. Please make sure your students are staying on top of their schoolwork.

 A money clip was found after the book fair. If you are missing a money clip, please call the school to identify it. 

 Please remember that if at anytime your income changes you may fill out a free and reduced meal application. All applicants and recipients are confidential. Contact the school office for more information. 

 We will once again Adopt a Family for Christmas.  Contributions from staff for Blue Jean Fridays and students for Hat Day in November and December go toward gifts for the family.  If you would like to donate, please have donations in by December 9th.   

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