The Willow Creek Volunteer Fire department is having their annual breakfast Oct 9th! They will have raffle prizes as a fund raiser! If you have something you would like to donate as a prize please contact Ashley or Camille.
19 days ago, Bonnie Lower
Please return the forms that were mailed out before school started, as well as the Free and Reduced Price Meal Application as soon as possible. If you need the forms sent home again, please contact the office at 285-6991 ext. 120. Grades 1-4 and 7-8 will be walking next door to pick apples and make apple cider. Those students going must have the signature sheet signed and returned from the Student/Parent Handbook.
23 days ago, Sherri Lower
Bus evacuation drill this afternoon! If your kiddo comes home with big stories of jumping out of the back of the bus, they’re not joking. We practice this drill the first week of school each year and the older kids are super about knowing what to do and helping the littles out. 🚌🎉🚌
23 days ago, Bonnie Lower
Great first day of school at Willow Creek! It’s wonderful to have the kids back and ready to learn. We have our annual hearing screening tomorrow morning for our K, 1st, 9th grades and any new students. Good luck 🍀 Junior High girls at your volleyball 🏐 game in Ennis today!
25 days ago, Bonnie Lower
Pizza 🍕 for lunch first day back 🤗
26 days ago, Bonnie Lower
Jeanne is picking up the burgers and dogs tomorrow morning for the meet and greet so we need to have anyone who is attending send their rsvp by today. Thank you! 406-285-6981 Ext 120 7:00 to noon. Please leave a message if you don’t reach someone. School starts at 8:00 AM Tuesday, Sept. 6th Breakfast starts at 7:35 AM
about 1 month ago, Bonnie Lower
Jr High Volleyball starts tomorrow @ Harrison. The school van will take kids over and pick them up. Please be at the school by 2:40 to leave at 2:50. If you haven’t already please have paperwork packet (yellow papers) filled out and physical forms must be done before participating. We have packets at the school if anyone needs them! Stop by anytime tomorrow to pick up. Won’t be long and we will be in school too!!
about 1 month ago, Bonnie Lower
Don't forget to RSVP at 285-6991 ext. 120 for the Meet and Greet BBQ on August 31st from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. The school will provide burgers, dogs, and drinks please bring a dessert or salad.
about 1 month ago, Sherri Lower
Patent athlete meeting in Harrison tonight 8/4/22 @ 6:00 PM. This includes junior high students for girls grades 4-8 volleyball, high school volleyball, football, boys’ and girls’ junior high and high school basketball.
about 2 months ago, Bonnie Lower
Students grades 9-12 please contact Ms Bonnie this week to confirm your fall class schedule. Call school 285-6991 Ext 121 from 7 AM to 12 PM or call/text my cell. 406-285-3969. Thanks! Let the count down begin 😅
2 months ago, Bonnie Lower
REMINDER: the parent athlete meeting for this year’s sports is at 6:00 PM on Thursday, Aug. 4th in Harrison. If your student has had their physicals please bring a copy for us to keep in the office and one for the coach. Girls in 4-8 will be eligible to play junior high volleyball this year so please check with your daughters to see if they would be interested in participating. Please check with Ms Bonnie or Ms Sherri if sports fees are a difficulty. There are scholarships available to help with fees.
2 months ago, Bonnie Lower
😅 August is here and it’s time to get signed up for the reading week workshop. The workshop will include last year’s K class through 6th. Please contact the school and let us know if your student (s) will be attending. August 15-19 from 8:00-12:00 each day. 406-285-6991 Thank you!
2 months ago, Bonnie Lower
Mark your calendars! August 4th. 6:00 PM parent meeting in Harrison for school year 2022-2023 athletics. Please bring your student athlete with you to the meeting. It’s a good idea to get physicals scheduled while there’s not a rush. Grades 4-8 girls will be able to do junior high volleyball this year.
3 months ago, Bonnie Lower
Reminder 🎉 Math workshop week starts this Monday, July 18-22. 8:00-12:00. Please call the school and let us know if your elementary student will be attending if we don’t already have them on our list. 406-285-6991 Ext 120.
3 months ago, Bonnie Lower
Math workshop week for last year’s grades 1-6 starts July 18. 8:00 AM to noon each day. Call the school to get signed up 👍🏻 285-6991 Ext 120.
3 months ago, Bonnie Lower
Science week for last year’s grades 1-6 will be June 27- July 1. 8:00 AM to Noon. Please remember to call the school to let us know if your student will be attending if you haven’t already. (406) 285-6991 Ext 120. Thanks!
4 months ago, Bonnie Lower
K-6 Awards 12:30 Kindergarten Graduation 1:30 8th grade Graduation 2:30 TODAY 🤗 5/25
4 months ago, Bonnie Lower
Last week of school!! There is still a lot on our calendar. Tomorrow, May 24th, potluck awards dinner @ 6:00PM for students and families grades 8-11. Please bring a side dish, salad or dessert. May 25th, K-6 awards, K graduation and 8th grade graduation, starting at 12:30. May 27th, last day of school! Out at 2:30. Remind your 8-11 students to prepare for semester tests 😅
4 months ago, Bonnie Lower
Awards banquet for families of grades 8-11 Tuesday night, 5/24, 6:00 PM. Pot luck. Please bring a side dish, salad or dessert. See you Tuesday!! Celebrate your student’s accomplishments this school year.
4 months ago, Bonnie Lower
Spring Concert 🎵 tonight! 6:00 PM. Ice cream social to follow! A buck a bowl fundraiser for music.
5 months ago, Bonnie Lower